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Here at Progressive Care Network, we believe the best results come from a tailored combination of treatments that suit your condition. In order to properly treat you, your first appointment will involve a thorough diagnostic process, to fully determine your current state of health, and how we may best help you. We have a range of locations which offer a variety of treatments, including:

  • Chiropractic
  • Dry Needling
  • Physiotherapy

Feel free to click on the Our Services tab at the top of the page and learn more about each of these treatment techniques, and how they can help you!


Initial Appointment:

Your first appointment will run for about half an hour and involves a thorough examination, diagnosis, as well as a treatment in most cases. Some patients will require an x-ray or other investigation, but these are not commonly required and treatment is usually possible on the first visit. This is also the appointment type you will need if we have not treated you for 12 months or more, as we will need to review your condition and medical history. If you have private health you should get back a significant proportion (depending on your cover) of the cost, which is $90.

Case Review:

Your second appointment will run for around 20 minutes and involves a review of the diagnosis (which includes providing you a comprehensive condition report that outlines the features of your issue and home care advice strategies), assessment of your response to treatment, and discussion of the care plan moving forward. This is also the type of appointment booking you will need if you have not been treated for 6 months, as your circumstances may have changed, and may be required for new complaints or injuries. Again, your private health will likely cover part or all of the cost of this appointment, which is $75.

Standard Appointment:

Regular treatments after this are 10 minutes, and will involve treatment in whichever form is required. If you need adjustments, needling, and home stretching advice, this will cost you no more than the appointments at which you only require one of these treatments. Your private health is likely to cover some or all of the cost of this, which is $65.

Concession Appointments:

Those patients who hold health care cards, student cards, or other concession cards from CenterLink, as well as those patients under 18 years of age, will receive a discount of $10 from each of the above fee schedules.

Cancellation Policy:

Unfortunately, due to a pattern of non-attendance, patients who do not attend their appointment, or give 12 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling will be charged $40 except in cases of extenuating circumstances. This behaviour may result in the booked out time slot being unavailable for another patient who requires care. Thank you for your understanding.