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What Is It?

Physiotherapy utilises a variety of treatment techniques aimed at reducing the painful symptoms of a condition, and progressing toward recovery. These treatment methods may target damaged ligaments or tendons, tight muscles, bruising and swelling from injury, or a range of other issues. These modalities are combined with active treatments such as home exercise programmes in order to accelerate your recovery, and prevent long-term issues. These modalities include:

  • Instrument assisted massage;
  • Kinesiology taping (Rock Tape/Athletic Tape);
  • Therapeutic ultrasound;
  • Assisted and home stretching regimes; and
  • Heat or ice therapies.

What Can Physiotherapy Help Treat?

Shin Splints:

Here at Progressive Care Network, we offer those modes of treatment as indicated above to reduce the painful symptoms of shin splints, as well as providing specific advice and lifestyle modifications to aid in preventing you from having recurring episodes. In the process of providing you care, your physiotherapist will assess the position of the foot, the arches of the foot, and any nerve or joint issues that may contribute to the condition.

Shoulder Pain:

Physiotherapy for shoulder pain includes the initial reduction of painful symptoms, followed by improvement of the coordination and strength of the muscles which control the joint. The shoulder is a complex structure, and physiotherapy is required to train the positioning of the shoulder blade, and specific order of activation of the rotator cuff muscles of the joint itself to prevent recurring pain episodes from conditions such as bursitis, impingement syndrome, and muscle strains.

Back Pain:

In conjunction with other treatments for back pain provided here, such as chiropractic and dry needling, you may wish to also seek physiotherapy. In treating your back pain, this combination of therapies will aim to target the pain generating structures, as well as utilise rehabilitation exercise prescription to prevent the issue from coming back. The added benefit here is that patient preference is vital in achieving good outcomes, and some patients prefer physiotherapy over chiropractic, or chiropractic over physiotherapy, so we have both types of providers on staff.

These physiotherapy treatments can be tailored specifically to meet your needs, will help accelerate your recovery, and will aid in the prevention of future injuries to the treated areas. The more active you are in your own treatments (i.e. performing home stretches), the more quickly you will recover from your condition; this also allows you to feel in control of your recovery, keeping you on the right track toward wellness. In our view, the best outcome for you is an improved quality of life, and being treated by our evidence-based physiotherapists means you can maintain yourself more, and have to see us less!

So book in today and allow our practitioners to guide you on your path to recovery!