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DC, B/Chiro, B/Sci (Chiropractic)

Dr. Aaron Albrecht has lived in the Cockburn area his whole life, having attended primary and high school in the area, and participating in sporting groups throughout the suburb. These deep community ties prompted him to open a clinic to treat residents of his home town. Being a local also allows him insight into the current population, and to develop strong ties with other local practitioners and providers.

Dr. Albrecht participated in a variety of sports throughout his childhood and teenage years, having played AFL and basketball, participating at an archery club, and winning several state titles in National All Styles martial arts competitions. This active lifestyle and understanding of the needs associated with athletic living and training has prompted him to take a keen interest in the treatment and management of athletically active individuals.

Prior to studying chiropractic, Dr. Albrecht worked a short tenure as an apprentice automotive mechanic at Toyotaways in Rockingham. After leaving that line of work, he performed general labouring duties in several roles, to support himself whilst studying at Murdoch University for six years on his way to becoming a chiropractor. Working in those environments added to his interest of large, physical patients, and he focussed is studies on conditions affecting labourers and manual labourers; with follow on interest in heavy set individuals, and those attempting weight-loss.

In order to expand his skill set, Dr. Albrecht completed an extra qualification in deep dry needling (DDN), a similar treatment to acupuncture, which he uses in conjunction with chiropractic, other physical therapies (see Services), and nutritional advice to treat patients from all walks of life, with the ability to provide the specialised services the above groups require.

As Dr. Albrecht is tall in stature, he is able to treat patients of all shapes and sizes, providing enough force to treat large patients, while being able to alter his approach and employ low-force techniques on smaller individuals. So book in at Progressive Care Network today, ask for Dr. Albrecht, and start your journey to your optimum you!